Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in March

We had snow. That is a big deal in Anderson, SC. We just don't see much snow anymore. It is also the first big snow since I really started trying to develop my photography skills. So I was outside with my camera, a rain coat and an umbrella (It was a very wet snow!) trying to use my "photographic eye" and capture a special shot. I like this one. I was trying for a shallow depth of field. I have lines like we discussed the week in class and I think the dead leaf adds texture to the shot. Today the snow is almost gone and by Saturday the weatherman says 70's. That is March in South Carolina.

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Lessie said...

These three photos are gorgeous! Is it possible to choose a blog style that allows you to post larger pics? Would love to see them bigger. :) Hope you didn't get a burn or bruise from the fence! The hazards of photography! :)