Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still Standing

I didn't make it to the photo shoot for my class on Sunday so I tried to get some images around my yard. I have shot image after image of this old fence post. It is just behind my husband's shop--must be left over from a pasture fence. At one time our property was part of a large farm. The texture of the wood and the rust appeals to my eye--especially in the soft late afternoon light. I have yet to capture it just as I want but this image turned out fairly well. Possibly if I put the post a bit more to the right. I was trying to get a view down the fence line, although there is very little fence left. I do like the DoF. I did use a high ISO because I didn't want to drag out my tripod so there is some noise. i"ll try for a better one on another day.


Lessie said...

I really like this one. Love the fence trailing behind it.

Susan I said...

Thank you. Missed you in class. You and Angie and I need to go out on a photo excursion when the weather warms up and stays that way.

Anonymous said...

A photo excursion sounds good! You guys tell me when. I like your fence photo. I'm often attracted to rust and decay and things that don't seem long for the world. I love making an attempt to save them, if only in photographs. You've captured this fence very well and if it were blown away in a storm tomorrow, you will now have it forever.

smiles, Angie