Monday, March 9, 2009

Standing Tall

I love hiking. This week-end my daughter and her fiance invited us to go along for a hike in the mountains about Pickens. They said it was a short hike. Well it was torture. It was straight up a mountain and my legs were burning like crazy. It was tough for two 50 year olds to keep up with a couple of twenty-somethings. But I did take my camera along. There was this glade of trees. Young ones--apparently this mountain had been clear cut not too many years ago. But the sun shining through the trees and the straight lines made a lovely image. This shot does not do it justice.


YICA said...

I like the repeating pattern the bare grey tree trunks make in this photo. I photograph trees often. They are living sculpture and the seasonal changes keep the subject fresh.

Lessie said...

Good for you guys for going! (And bringing a heavy camera! :) )