Thursday, November 19, 2009

A long way to the top

A couple of weeks ago we took a day trip to Tallulah Gorge. It was a lovely fall day and the leaves were just about at peak. To get to the bottom of the gorge you can walk down about 900+ steps. The problem have to walk back up. My 50+ out of shape legs barely made it. But that wasn't the worst part. For the next 5 days, my calves hurt so much I could barely walk. I think I will stick to trails from now on. They are a little less wearing on the legs.


REG said...

I like this "pathway to the sky".

Craig Lee said...

Neat perspective.

You have my sympathy with the stairs. Last year we went to Chimney Rock and their elevator was out. We tried to take the stairs up, but didn't make it past the first overlook.