Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Up Close and Personal

This will be my last aquaium post. But this is my favorite of the shots I captured at the Georgia Aquarium. This fellow loves to swim right up the glass. You walk through a tunnel and the tank is around and over you. Delightful. Water always relaxes me.


REG said...

The colors are beautiful on this.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I love your aquarium shots. I'm especially partial to turtles. You might have heard me whine (on FB or in my blog) about having to let ours go at Chris Taylor Park (in the pond). It was unfair to keep him in such a small space as we could give him. Now if we had a tank like this... LOL

James and Kellen gave me a lovely gold and jade turtle pendant for mother's day to help me feel better about my empty (turtle) nest syndrome. LOL

I have been to the aquarium and LOOOVE IT...want to go back as a matter of fact. It is difficult to get good shots there because of the glass, water, reflections and crowds, but you managed just fine. They look great!

Angie S.

Anonymous said...

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