Saturday, April 18, 2009

Storms can be scary...and leave a mess behind

Some of the destruction left by the storm last Friday, April 10 (my birthday). Our neighbor across the street had 2 trees across the road. We had lots of limbs and the back cover of my husband's truck blew off--into the air about 15 feet or so--took about 3 limbs out of our maple tree--hit is shop and knocked a hole in the wall--and landed about 30 yards away. The clean-up was back breaking. Here are some of the shots in our yard
Lots of limbs

Ronnie's truck cover

The dent in his shop.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I hope no one was hurt. We were lucky, I suppose since we didn't have much limb loss near me. It's actually quite unusual considering we're in old north Anderson under so many large old trees.

Happy belated birthday to you Susan!

Angie S.

Lessie said...

Glad it didn't cause any more damage -- yuck!