Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Demolition Started

My youngest daughter and her fiance have bought their first home. It was a foreclosure and needs a lot of work, but they are very excited about doing it together. So our days are consumed now with tearing down wallpaper, scraping ceiling, and doing demolition. They will be married in less than 4 weeks and I don't think we will get it all done. (They do have temporary shelter until the work is done.) Here Meredith has taken the ugly window air conditioning unit out. She has been wanting to do that for weeks as they waited for the closing. See below for a before picture.

Keep checking back for updates on the house--we will be documenting the work in pictures.


Anonymous said...

LOL...she certainly looks happy to be tearing that thing out! What town did you tell me they bought in?


Susan said...

I thought it was funny when I asked her how far away she was moving! 4 houses from Mama!! Smart girl!