Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bird Condos

I love this shot. It makes me think of my dad. He has these "bird condos" for the purple martins that return each year. They nest in these gourd houses and eat thousands of mosquitoes each spring and summer. My dad cleans out the gourds each winter to prepare for their return. He even designed a contraption that lowers the gourds so he can check them. This is a photo that I will treasure for years to come.

This week in our photography class we discussed lines in photos. I think I captured lines well in this shot. I especially like the lines made by the shadows on the lowest gourd.

Want to learn more about purple martins, check out this web site.


Lessie said...

Is this a picture of your father's gourds in particular? If Martins eat mosquitoes -- maybe I need some gourds to encourage them to come by my house! I like the lines in shadows, too.

Anonymous said...

These always look interesting. As a matter of fact, some caught my eye (and the eye of my camera) recently too. Maybe I'm weird, b ut I like the color and texture that the rust adds.