Friday, January 1, 2010

Don't let yourself get rusty

If we sit around like this old truck we can get rusty and things will start to grow that maybe we don't need in our lives. So as we start this new year--get up and get going. My goals ( I refuse to call them resolutions!) are to read my Bible more--rely on God to lead me; to exercise and lose some weight; to cherish my family every minute; to love others and look for ways to show it. I will get up and get going--I refuse to get rusty. (By the way--I took this shot on our recent trip to the Smoky Mountains and it is one of my favorites!)


Anonymous said...

Amazing as always

Susan said...

Susan, I can hardly believe some of the images you are capturing...Looks as if God had blessed you with this talent and I agree with your sentiments..Let's not get rusty!

ooteedee said...

do you own that truck? Is it for sale?