Monday, August 31, 2009

A Look Back

Today I am posting an old photo of my parents wedding day. On October 28, my parents will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary. They have stayed true to those vows spoken quite a few years ago. They have taught me to endure, even during the difficult times.

Also pictured here are my grandparents, all now deceased. On the left--my mom's parent--Big Daddy and Big Mama. Although after 25 years of calling her Big Mama, she decided she didn't like that name because she wasn't big and we had to start calling her Grandmama McKinley. Big Daddy used to pour his coffee in a saucer to let it cool and then sipped it from the saucer. We of course had to follow his example.

On the right, my dad's parent's--Mama Lucy and Papa Hop. I didn't know Papa Hop very well. He died when I was about 6. I know he was a barber. But Mama Lucy--who also later changed her name to Grandma--taught us how to crochet and let us cut paper dolls out of her old pattern books.

My grandfathers both died when I was young, but my grandmothers played an important role in my life as a young person.

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